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One day, I saw someone wearing a really funny shirt. I tried to find it online but there were only crappy looking ones available. I didn't know of any places to ask about shirts or where to get them.

That was the main reason why "That Awesome Shirt!" exists!

Also, have you ever found a cool shirt you wanted to buy from an online store but thought "Wait a minute, I'll just bookmark this page for later so I can save money on shipping costs" but never got around to actually doing it?

We're sure that your bookmarks slowly became littered with more and more shirts from but multiple sites!

Here's a few other things we're here to help with:

  • Help find shirts you want!
  • Clearing up messy bookmarks.
  • Helping you keep track of shirts you like (but probably won't buy)
  • Making it easier to find a gift for someone.
  • Share your opinions about places to buy shirts, whether it be good or bad.

Who exactly is "Us"?

Well, "us" would be the users on this website who are willing to share some cool shirts they've found online.

Or perhaps it can be an aspiring shirt designer who has come up with an awesome design who is hoping to get some feedback from potential buyers.

What am I supposed to do?

This site is free for anyone to browse and use, however if you'd like to contribute and share your opinion, then you'd have to register.

Don't worry, it's free and we won't spam you =)

Once registered, you can:

  • Submit shirts you've seen or designed
  • Rate shirts to boost their popularity
  • "Tag" shirts so you can keep track of which ones you like, want or show off what you already have
  • If you've found a shirt we don't have in our database, that's ok. Just upload photos or images of the shirt you've seen to contribute!
  • Suggest sites where people can buy a shirt
  • Comment on shirts (feedback, compliments or constructive criticism only please)
  • If needed, registered users can report content as inappropriate when something just doesn't seem right

Spread your name!

If you're representing either an established online store or a small online shop starting up, please contact us first just to let us know before spamming this site with your products.

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