Aliens: You're Doing It Wrong

Aliens: You're Doing It Wrong
We watched a film on this.

No, you guys. The face! Not the back of the head, not the knees, not the butt, not the feet, not the torso. THE FACE!

Did you guys learn nothing from watching Face/Off? Because we can watch Face/Off again. We can watch Face/Off all day. I already do. Every minute I'm not here teaching you little turds how to latch onto a face, I'm in my little office back there watching Face/Off again and again. Why? Because of the acting mostly. Because the moral questions it raises, like how much does our physical appearance define who we are? Or is it okay to destroy someone else's speedboat while pursuing a terrorist whose face you're wearing while he, meanwhile, is wearing your face?

You know what, just talking about Face/Off is making me think we really need to watch Face/Off again. Oh, quit your whining! If you'd just get it right for once, we wouldn't have to do this.
Categories: Cute Movies aliens facehugger xenomorph

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