The Unstealthiest Ninja: Flight School

The Unstealthiest Ninja: Flight School
On-the-job incompetence: a widespread problem.

Every office has that one employee who just can't seem to do their job. Whether it's the unstealthiest ninja, the intern who still doesn't know how to use the copier after four months, or the IT guy who's always saying he'd know how to do it "on a Mac," every team has a weak link.

For us here on the Woot writing staff, it's Harold who stands out as a stinker. Don't get us wrong: It's impressive that Harold can write at all, but his narrative structure lacks even basic coherence. You see, Harold is a dog (lab/pit/great dane?), and no matter how many chances we give him, his writing continues to disappoint.

Anyway, we gave Harold this shirt write-up as a last chance to redeem himself. Apologies in advance.

What's that? Is that a squirrel? That's a weird looking squirrel. Let me smell it. Doesn't smell like a squirrel. But who knows. And what are those things? Little babies? I like babies. Harold is nice to babies. What's that last one doing? Is he dropping things? Are those balls? Should I get the balls? I'm going to get the balls.

Sigh. Sorry everybody. That was his last chance. Harold, you're fired.
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