Sriracha Rooster

Sriracha Rooster
You're lookin' mighty hot!

Ramen. Pho. Scrambled Eggs. Chicken. Tofu. Mayo. Potatoes. Fish. Soup. Butter. Oatmeal. BBQ sauce. Bloody Mary. Mac and cheese. Honey. Crab Cakes. Ice Cream. Pizza. Pasta. Polenta. Deviled eggs. Hummus...

There isn't much of anything that doesn't taste leagues better with a dash (or six) of Sriracha sauce! Why can't the same apply for your entire torso? Originally, the t-shirt was made of wonderful blend of cotton, polyester, and Sriracha Sauce. Clinical testing proved that sriracha sauce is not suitable for external use. Oops. We'll save the sauce for our pho.
Categories: Typography food rooster chilli sriracha

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