Leoni di Marmo: Alchimia

Leoni di Marmo: Alchimia
Every BORO collection is based on a concept, evolving in a series of graphic visions.

After remixing the pop icon Bill Cosby, after exploring the universe of alternative dancefloors and after investigating the suggestive mysteries of the Cosmos, the F-w 2011 concept is: ~Leoni di Marmo~ (i.e.: ~Marble Lions~ ).

To flow through dreams, nightmares, visions and memories, cossing metropolis and necropolis, forests of symbols and rivers of artificial light: this is ~Leoni di Marmo~, image, vision and sense.

Ten illustrations, representing the concept ~Leoni di Marmo~ : they were exposed at the beginning of 2011 in an art exhibition, at the Galleria Schema (in Florence), giving a naked body to their feelings, vibrations, sparks.

Today once again they return to be the aesthetic basis of a clothing collection: this means giving them alife, a body and a breath, throwing them among the same sounds, lightning, noises and feelings that generated them.

“…Existence well what does it matter?

…The past is now part of my future,

…The present is well out of hand…”

(Ian Curtis, 1979, in: Joy Division, “Heart and Soul”)
Categories: Abstract

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