Based off one of the most famous photographs in history, the VJ-Day kiss. The photograph encompasses a historical moment in time - the celebrations of America's victory over Japan and the end of WW2.Fast forward 100 years later to when Z Day is among us. WW3 is over, Charlie Sheen is back on Two and a Half men, an a cappella group of singing penguins are #1 on the Top 40 billboards, and ranch dressing is America's top export. Oh, and the zombie apocalypse has finally begun.Vote 5 and you can become a proud owner of one of the most important shirts in history - a shirt that captures the moment when a zombie sailor gnawed his beautiful prey; a shirt that captures what is to soon come in a bleak and fast approaching future; a shirt that captures... Z-DAY

by RonanLynam
Categories: Memes Political kiss nurse sailor zombies

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