And on that bombshell...

You know how when you walk for a while with your friends who have longer legs, you end up feeling like a dachshund, jogging to keep up? Now imagine doing that across Pangaea. And now imagine you're only a third the size of your neighbors on the taxonomic tree, the giant sauropods. That'd be a lot of jogging you'd have to do to keep up if you were a stegosaurus or an allosaurus. So we imagine the smaller Kimmeridgian dinosaurs tried to arrange more effective forms of transportation for themselves. Being airlifted by a flock of archaeopteryx might work, but a vehicle allows for independence. And when the dinosaurs needed a way to test the comparative speeds of various modes of transportation available to them in the late Jurassic period, they naturally turned to their tame covered lizard. Some say...

A stegosaurus in The Stig's iconic white uniform and helmet graces the front of this charcoal grey, 100% cotton t-shirt. Oh, and also? Tire tracks.
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