Let Me Drop Everything And Work On Your Problem

Let Me Drop Everything And Work On Your Problem
Because, clearly, my job here is to serve you.

You just walked in here, unannounced, while I was in the middle of something, and you expect me to drop what I'm working on and fix whatever it is you effed up? Well, yeah. I will. I like being employed. But I won't be happy about it.

These sorts of folks think they're more important than you. Know how we know that? No matter what you're doing (which was saving the world, BTW, not that they asked), it's less important than whatever they need you to do. Am I right? Printers. Networking. Even proofreading. Whatever it is, the world will end if you don't fix it for them. Right. Now. Whatever you're doing can wait. Never mind that the stars only align like this once every 172 years. There's a fax machine broken. It needs your help. Critically. There should be a special Take A Number machine JUST for these folks. Which starts in the triple digits. Pair it with an LCD board overhead which reads, "Now serving 012." Not that they'd pay any attention. Rather, they'd probably also accidentally break the LCD while they were in there, just for good measure. And then blame it on you. For hanging it wrong.

Note: if you're the sort of person who would wear this shirt non-sarcastically, we salute you! We're not sure what you're doing on ThinkGeek in the first place. You probably shoulda taken that left turn at Googlbuquerque....
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