Faux Transformers Ugly Christmas (Sweater)

Faux Transformers Ugly Christmas (Sweater)
While trying to transform this sweatshirt into a sweater, we actually created a new breed of faux sweater. Everyone will crack up over these two nutcrackers when you wear this Faux Transformers Sweater. Get it, nutcrackers, crackin jokes... no, nothing? Whatever.

Anyway, nothing says Christmas quite like giant robots. In my family it’s tradition for us to gather around the fire while my grampa tells about the war on Cybertron. My favorite part is when he talks about Optimus’s heroic final battle against Megatron. Start your own Transformers tradition this Christmas with this Faux Transformers Ugly Christmas Sweater. You’ll look stylish and tacky at the same time, that’s a hard combo to pull off.
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