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Happy Friday!

It's been a great day and the weekend is almost here. With only a few hours until the weekend, don't push my buttons now ;)


Kanye West designs a plain white shirt, costs $120 and already sold out...


From the article:

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to be amazed, maybe even in awe. Rapper Kanye West has designed a t-shirt that may very well revolutionize the clothing industry. That’s right: It’s the Kanye West t-shirt with a plain white design.

Yeezus posted the “new” design online, and his masterful creation of nothingness quickly sold out. What’s most amazing is the t-shirt’s $120 price tag.


To put the t-shirt into perspective, Kanye West just sold a $.50 t-shirt to a bunch of fashion crazed wannabes for a profit of about $120.

Go figure why we're in such dire financial trouble! Read more about it on The Inquisitr.

New Brand: Firefly - Don't let your creativity rust

A new Massachusetts based clothing company that sells unique t-shirts. The creator of Firefly, Jeff, started his company to help spread thoughts of creativity, self-improvement, environment, technology, art and so forth.

Some of the designs feature the DNA of Firefly. The design titled "Symbols" displays four symbols: human head & brain, computer, pine tree, and a light bulb. The head represents humanity, the computer represents technology or anything man-made, the tree represents the environment, and the light bulb represents thoughts, ideas, creativity or anything intangible.

This design is what I like to refer to as the "four pillars of Firefly." The importance of these four is to make it a point that we need to focus on these areas and keep improving. We need to work on ourselves, improve our lives and learn to become better people and optimize life for all.

We need to support technology and the future. We need to support the environment and nature, this is where we live, we must be responsible.

We need to use our brains and think, we need to inspire others and spread new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Another design titled "Layers" encourages the message "water your brain" which basically means in order to think properly and create new things, we need to be healthy physically but also mentally.

The overall theme is cause and effect: water your brains (colored green, mimicking the color of plants) and then light bulbs (ideas, creativity, etc.) is the effect.

Another design titled "Quote" features Firefly's slogan "don't let your creativity rust" which simply means that we need to keep it going and not put creativity on the back burner.

We'll be keeping an eye on this brand to see what directions their designs will take.

You can find out more from them at www.fireflyclothing.bigcartel.com

Design By Humans: Supporting Japan with the American Red Cross


DBH is donating $3 from every "Help Japan" shirt they sell until Sunday 20th March, 2011.

Kudos to them for doing that but I'm hoping someone out there will top that!

Loviu: Store finally opened!

After a successful launch and build-up of a shirt designing community, Loviu has officially opened up their online store on Valentines day!

Shirts which make the cut are put up for printing with the average price of €18.

You can score 50% off shipping if you spend more than €50 on shirts.

Bit steep, but take a look through their collection and you'll see the designs are pretty good. Expect to see some shirts posted up from their site soon.


Ever wondered what it takes to start a shirt printing business?

I have, and it certainly isn't a cheap machine to purchase. You'll also need a helluva lot of inventory space for all those shirts you're about to print. The folks at Loviu have been nice enough to share some photos from inside their production laboratory, just in case you're curious about what goes on behind the scenes. You can see the dedication and love these guys put into their shirts, start to finish. Props for the photos! See link below for their full blog post. 168467_190393407656016_162006200494737_617312_1788927_n 07 16 37 04 11 18 [ Blog post ]

Threadless: 20% off on orders made on a mobile browser

Not sure when this ends, but they're promoting their mobile site.

20% off given on checkout when using a mobile phone or device.

Loviu: Store launched on new years day!

I guess these guys had a new years resolution they had to keep. The Loviu store has just launched on the 1st of January, 2011.


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