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New TV shows category!

Okay, I admit I've been a bit lazy with house keeping... finally got around to cleaning up the movies category and splitting off TV shows into it's own group.

I declare today that the likes of Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory or Dr Who (and a few other shows) will no longer be littering the movies listing pages!

Shows like Pokémon or Ninja Turtles will still cross-pollinate both sections as the franchise expands across both TV shows and movies.

Swing by and check out our new TV shows section sometime!

A fresh new blog design for ThatAwesomeShirt!

It's been a little over 3 years since our blog was launched and since then it's been the go-to place for t-shirt bargain hunters from around the world!


Today, we've finally given it some much needed love and integrated it into our site layout!

As we switch over to our wider and slicker new blog design, I just can't help but take one last look in the rear view mirror at our faithful blues.

screenshot_blog_v1_old  screenshot_blog_v1_new

Win a $50 CafePress gift certificate!

CafePress have been kind enough to offer us a $50 gift certificate to use on their site.

To make that deal even sweeter, we're gonna give it away!

In order to be in the running to win, simply:

  • follow us on twitter and tweet something creative that includes @myawesomeshirt and a $50 CafePress gift certificate


  • like us on Facebook and post a creative status mentioning @That Awesome Shirt! and a $50 CafePress gift certificate

Note: Competition is open to both existing and new followers, so don't feel left out!

To help ignite some creativity, check out some cool/custom shirts or hoodies on CafePress.

On 31st of March 2013, That Awesome Shirt staff will pick the most creative 3-8 entries (depending on how many we get) and randomly select a winner.

We're baaack!

Sorry for the inactivity ladies and gentlemen, but we've been super busy!

Good thing though, we've made it just in time for the Christmas sales!

Now, who's ready for some sales!


Server issues causing a few days of downtime

I really hate to be posting this but the site(s) were down over the weekend due to some server issues after software updates.

Hopefully they've been ironed out now and we won't have to do that again anytime soon.

Sorry about the flood of twitter/facebook posts!

Massive Site Update!

Since we missed the 2 year birthday to launch the new site for That Awesome Shirt, we thought we'd set it into the world (wide web) in a spectacular fashion, LATE - COMPLETE WITH EXPLOSIONS!

Our old-school "Web 1.0" design

While most of the functionality was tested already, we're still expecting a couple of things to break here and there.

Aside from the slick new style, what else have we done?

  • Site loads way faster! Rewritten from scratch, we've scrapped the old Drupal code that was weighing TAS down
  • Easier to submit shirts
  • Browse by stores, making it much easier to find stuff during sales
  • Easier to find your tagged shirts with better filtering (see your profile page)
  • Broken up the site to "Best of the Best" which contains the most awesome shirts, and "Latest shirts" which shows off all the shirts we have
  • Related shirts and latest comments to keep you hooked ;)
  • New categories: Religious and Weird
  • Shirt tags!
  • Share on Google+ and Tumblr
  • It even looks right (mostly) on IE6!
  • And much more, but overall the site sucks less!

Feel free to let us know what you think about the new update!

Email problems

Emails received in the past day or two may have been lost as the its quota was reached (due to spam) and the inbox was wiped automatically by the server.

If you contacted us during that period, please send the email again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Launch of blog for ThatAwesomeShirt!

I've finally gotten around to integrating a blog feature onto this site, along with a bunch of other fixes to improve performance and functionality across the site.

This blog will serve as the main "go-to" destination for upcoming sales, updates on changes to the site and also some random (and interesting) finds on the internet.

The structure of the blog will start to flesh out once I get some more content online so keep an eye out for some whacky stuff that'll be invading your browser soon!

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