• 15% off your holiday order!
  • Orders of 3+ shirts will get a free 4th from the classical archive
  • First 500 orders from stores will get a free limited edition button

We're ready for the holidays, come visit!

What can you expect from us this holiday season?

First thing's first, The Black Friday Discount Code! To get 15% off your holiday order because honestly, it's no longer just a Friday!

We’ve had a few bundled deals on our site, but for the holidays, we’ve taken it up a notch. We have added over dozen more options for you to grab and you’ll save money buying this way.

If you met us at conventions you’ll know you can get two shirts for $35, three for $50, and four for $60. We’ve begun to bring that same offer onto our site!

Now, for everyone who grabs three or more shirts from us will be getting a free fourth shirt from our classical archives. Maybe it’s a shirt still on our site, or maybe it’s a shirt that we only sold at conventions. And yes, buying bundle deals will qualify getting you a free shirt also! But just like the artwork, this offer is only available until supplies are out!

Finally, the first 500 orders from all of our storefronts will be getting a free limited edition button from us. We started doing these from NYCC and the reaction was great. So here is our fifth button, will you be fast enough to get one?

Have a wonderful holiday, and keep visiting!


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