This is so damn cool. I want some just to stick up around the house when kids are around or if someone has a pet.

Chucking it in the basket next time I'm grabbing some shirts from Tshirt Bordello.

Are you ready for World War Z! Get you Zombie survival plans in place today. You will need a chainsaw, a shotgun, some running shoes and a friend that is slower than you are. (in case things go wrong you may need a decoy)
As the direct result of combat there will be destroyed zombies and contaminated remains lying everywhere.

Please do the responsible thing and order ZOMBIE OUTBREAK BARRICADE TAPE today! It is very important that you mark the infection and outbreak area clearly.

The tape is available in 20ft length and 200ft lengths. The 20ft roll is great for the small Zombie outbreaks and training activities. The 200ft Zombie Outbreak Tape is for major outbreaks, Zombie Walks and awesome party decorations!